The following links will provide you with additional information you may need regarding curriculum and logistics while a MAT student.  Please check with your advisor if you have questions.


MAT students also have the option to pursue any minor available through the university!  Many of our students are either particularly business-focused or very visually creative so they add either a Business minor or a more creative minor to complement their MAT curriculum.  The following are popular minors with MAT students as they have requirements that overlap with the MAT major.  

To change or add a minor to your program, go to the advising office in N24 Ag. North.

Double Majors/Degrees

Some students choose to take their studies a step further and add either a second major or second degree. Popular choices are Management or Marketing as they are closely related to MAT and many of the same business pre-major courses are required by both degrees making it possible to complete both degrees within four years.

Suggested Four-Year Plan for MAT and Management

Suggested Four-Year Plan for MAT and Marketing